Aphrodite Skin Care


Any makeup artist knows that good skin is a key component to great makeup. And any woman knows that sometimes try as we might on our own, some skin problems are best left to the professionals. Enter skin care facial specialist extraordinare…Zina of Aphrodite Skin Care on the Upper East Side.


Providing facials to stars like Madonna, Claire Danes, and Jessica Biel, Zina has a special bridal skin care boot camp, to get blushing brides in tip-top skin care shape before their wedding. With her own cocktail of natural ingredients, Zina promises to have your skin-tight, smooth, and glowing!

Karuna Chani on Aphrodite Skin Care

“I’ve been a loyal client to Zina at Aphrodite Skin Care for over 10 years now. She has taken years off my face. Her expertise has kept my complexion not only perfect, but extraordinary.  Tried and tested year after year…she’s the best.  If she’s good enough for Madonna…she’s good enough for me!”  -Karuna Chani


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