39 and Fabulous!



I celebrated my 39th birthday on July 25th, and couldn’t feel better about where I am in my life. Working in the  beauty industry has not been easy, from dealing with challenging clients to individuals making assumptions about my intelligence based on my career choice. But after managing to stay relevant for over 15 years, becoming one of the most sought after makeup artistry company’s for Indian’s and South Asians all over the world, working on stunning Bollywood actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Shahana Goswami…All while looking DAMN good (if I do say so myself ), all I can say is…I know my worth, I’m proud of my achievements, and “Watch out!” because KC-Makeup is only growing!

(If you’re not proud to shout your age form the rooftops, its time to book an appointment with me! karuna@kc-makeup.com)