Why Beauty Matters.

KCM BeautyLooking good and feeling good often go ‘hand in hand’. From maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly, to knowing a minimum about makeup and hair, to present a well groomed image to the world, outward appearance matters. Hence…Beauty matters.

Caring about what you look like, does not make you vain, conceited or selfish…It actually makes you smart. And successful women understand there must be a balance between having the skills, talent and drive within a profession, and also looking like you belong in that profession. People need to be able to “see” you in a profession, and more often than not it requires a polished, well groomed and professional look.

Consider if you went to a female investment banker, looking for advice on how to invest your money. And she entered the room with knots in her hair, no makeup, and disheveled clothing. Would you not think about taking that advice from her? Not because she doesn’t have the knowledge, but because she doesn’t ‘look the part’.

Whether human beings want to admit it or not, we are highly visual beings. And we’re more willing to accept a person for their thoughts and ideas, if those thoughts and ideas are coming from a polished and put together package. So don’t allow your fear of being labeled ‘vain’ stop you from exploring  how ‘beauty’ can be used as a tool to better your life. Even if it’s not to have your look match your undoubtedly incredible career, you can use it to be happier with your outward appearance.

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