Headshot ‘Etiquette’



Head shots are a MUST for any professional person. Whether you are in the beauty industry, or not, it is imperative that your headshots speak to your profession, portray confidence and capture the essence of who you are. Use accessories and styling to allow your personality to shine through, but always air on the conservative side (no cleavage or heavy makeup).

So for example, if you are a lawyer, you would wear a suit, minimal jewelry, professional hairstyle like a blowout or low pony tail, and a more stern facial expression. Same goes for a doctor, except maybe you would wear a white doctors coat over your suit,  ‘accessorize’ with a stethoscope around your neck and wear a big ‘healthy’ smile. Because I am in the beauty industry, being a little more fashion forward goes, so I accessorized with a leather sleeved blazer by Helmut Lang, bright gold accessories from Deepa Gurnani and wore soft curls in my hair.



But now for the makeup. In ALL professions, less is more when it comes to a headshot. So caked on, heavy makeup, bright lip colors, and ‘over-the-top’ hairstyles have NO place in headshots. Keep it minimalist with a fresh face, concealer to cover any pimples or dark spots, bronzer, a rose blush, a little eyeliner and mascara and finally seal the look with powder.

I worked with Photographer Tara Sharma for these shots I took for my jossbox.com interview. Needless to say the images were above and beyond my expectations, and she was incredibly fast in getting the retouched final images to me. If you need a photographer for your headshots OR wedding, she’s your woman!