New LIPS: KC-Makeup’s Review of Lip Fillers!


Why did you decide to get lip fillers?
While I loved my lips, I decided to get Restylane because I felt it was time for a subtle change. Fuller lips are  “IN”, and advancements with fillers, have made it easy, relatively pain free, and best of all NOT PERMANENT to try out fuller lips. 

I went to top dermatologist  Dr.Sapna Westley, with Manhattan offices in Soho. She’s been taking care of my skin for years, and knows that I am all about ‘keeping it real.’ The enhancement she did was very subtle and natural, just like I wanted.

How did it feel, when you were getting them?
Dr. Westley numbed me with a prescription strength topical numbing cream for 45mins, so when she inserted the needle to deliver the filler, I only felt a slight prick.  To be honest, there was barely any pain at all!
What do you like most about them?
What I like most about my lips now, is that they still look and feel natural, but are just a little fuller. Plus, Dr. Westley was patient and informative, explaining the  process step by step.  It’s really important to go with a doctor that takes the time to understand you and your needs. All cosmetic procedures whether big or small, should be about enhancing your features, not blowing them out of proportion.