The Magical Green Lipstick!


What if the perfect hue of pink for your lips was disguised in green? Would you trust the green shade, in perfect packaging, with the name Lipstick Queen? Surely, any brand that describes itself as a queen of lipstick must be good, right?

Well after trying the lipstick myself I became a believer.

The green lipstick is just a cover up for the magic that is to come. Appropriately named Frog Prince, it transforms your lips to the perfect tone of pink based on your PH and skin tone. It’s loaded with ‘the good stuff’ like shea butter, and anti-oxidant Vitamin E; which makes it glide easily on your lips and feel more like a gloss. It’s long lasting, and a great addition to any make-up bag.


Also great for darker skin tones that struggle to find the perfect nude or pink, this product brings out the pink and nude tones uniquely present in your lips. It won’t appear ashy, but rather adjusts beautifully to each and every skin tone. Poppy King, owner of Lipstick Queen, did an amazing job with this top selling lipstick. You can purchase it here