Microblading Will Cut Down Your Makeup Routine


Recently, I went to the one and only Maryam Collahi to try a new method on my eyebrows called Microblading, or Eyebrow Embroidery. Maryam Collahi has been in the business for 20 years, starting in Iran and now at the Maryam Collahi Studio in Vancouver, B.C.

Microblading is considered to be semi-permanent, compared to other traditional hair-stroke techniques like, tattooed eyebrows. How is this method technique done? A very fine blade deposits semi-permanent pigment,  into the epidermis, in fine hair like strokes that look just like your real hair follicles! Not as heavy or permanent as a tattoo, this method is the next new craze!

Technique of drawing eyebrows. Macro and selective focus.


I love my new brows. It has knocked off at least ten minutes off of my makeup routine.

Would you try microblading on your eyebrows?

If the answer is yes, click this link HERE.