A look back at the #KCMakeupFab4Fall Masterclass…


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Last Thursday was filled with gift bags, lip kits, rosé, cake pops and several beautiful and successful brown women who were eager to learn how to enhance their beauty.

I taught two looks that I believe every working woman should have in her makeup arsenal; a polished day look that is perfect for work and a sultry smokey eye to help them turn heads. I created this series to give women the tools they need to create looks that give them that extra bit of confidence to take on the world, because unfortunately, we can’t all have a glam squad that helps us get ready everyday!

Whether your goal is to get that job promotion or even that guy, you must “look the part”!…Makeup isn’t superficial! Much like clothes, makeup allows you to present yourself in a polished way that speaks to how you carry yourself in life. My clients are incredibly inspiring and hard working, and I want them to know that it’s just as important to put effort into themselves as it is to put effort into their work. Because just as preparing yourself for a presentation gives you confidence, putting effort into your look will also give you confidence. I always feel that much more prepared to take on the world knowing that I look the part. “Believe you me” the right lipstick or eye shadow can boost your self-esteem!

Being in a room filled with such amazing women was empowering and I would like to thank everyone who attended. Having such an engaging audience who wanted to understand each technique reminded me why it’s so important to have this class. If you could not attend the event this year be sure to look out for invitations to the next one or book a one-on-one session with me so I can cater to your exact needs and answer all of your questions personally.

Thanks to everyone that attended, the #KCMakeupFab4Fall Masterclass was a huge success! 

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