A #KCMakeup BOTOX Experience

Happy July everyone!

I’ve been traveling from Vancouver, Canada to upstate New York and most recently Miami for clients and magazine shoots; and needless to say, all the travel can definitely wear a girl out!  So I’m here to let you in on a little procedure I get to keep me looking young…BOTOX!


Many women feel uncomfortable talking about Botox or being honest about it, but it’s a very common solution to getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

I first started getting Botox about two years ago when I felt it was time to erase some of the lines around my eyes and lips that were developing with age. Though mild lines, I wanted to erase them before they grew in depth and thickness.


Much of the nervousness around Botox is choosing the right doctor. I was in search of a cosmetic dermatologist with a soft touch when it came to injectables. After some research, I found a doctor who I knew would understand my specific needs.

Dr. Sapna Westley, located in New York, excels in creating a softer, more natural look. In my research, I found that doctors in New York differed from doctors in places like Los Angeles. LA doctors give a more dramatic and sometimes obvious “botox look” i.e they inject too much into their patients face, leaving them unable to make basic facial expressions. As I am all about natural beauty, not being able to express myself, was something I wanted to avoid all together!


When I get Botox treatments, I have Dr. Westley inject the forehead area of my face. I also get Restylane treatments in the lip and laugh line areas of my face. It’s important to know that Botox isn’t the same as Restylane or other fillers.

Botox is used as a “muscle killer” or relaxer, while Restylane is a filler, used to fill in the creases to improve the appearance of fine lines. The two are completely different injectables, but both are used as preventative measures when it comes to getting rid of unwanted lines.


I’m so happy to share my experience and will continue to update you on new procedures and treatments I try, to stay looking young! Never feel ashamed about wanting Botox or Restylane treatments. Just like makeup, it’s a tool that can be used to improve your appearance, or take care of any areas on your face that are bothering you.


Before I sign off, I’d like to thank my good friend and photographer Babita Panwala for capturing these candid moments so I could share this experience with all of you!