#KCCelebration: 5’2″ and 42!

Today, I am embracing 42 and living my best life! As I took time this year, to celebrate my birthday alongside of some the most beautiful people, places, and cultures; I was reminded how lucky I am to be living a life full of adventure with every passing year.

This last year has been about personal and professional growth. A woman (of shorter stature no less) in an industry that is (surprisingly) male-dominated, I have had to make my mark to show people that I am indeed #SmallButMighty!

I have been extremely fortunate to meet people who have helped me with my professional career, and I have worked with some amazing clients, old and new! Last month, I got to doll up the gorgeous Bollywood songstress, Kanika Kapoor for the IIFA awards (BTW, she won!) and I loved every minute of it!

As July was my birthday month, I treated myself to some much needed TLC, and took a break, to enjoy life and wander around Italy in Sardinia and Rome. With clear blue waters and authentic restaurants with incredible seafood and wine, Sardinia was unlike any other place I have ever visited! In Rome, I stayed at The Inn at the Spanish Steps, and as you can guess from the name, I was right next to the iconic landmark! I loved wandering around the city, from shopping at adorable boutiques to eating amazing gelato, I felt like Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday!

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Vacations to me should be stress-free and relaxing. I always strive to be comfortable while I’m traveling, and with experience, I have refined what comfort means to me. I’m all about ‘easy, breezy glam on the go.’

These are some of my favorite skincare items I throw into my makeup travel bag:

I think you know how much I love the Clarins Sunblock already, but I cannot stress the importance of sunblock enough! It really is a #KCMustHave! For base, I also love the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream as it is extremely hydrating without being greasy- perfect for a humid and sunny getaway! While I am traveling, I like to keep my makeup light to let my tanned skin stand out. There is nothing like sun kissed skin, tousled hair and a barely there nude lip!


Of course, I did some shopping while I was there too. Europeans have AMAZING beauty and skincare products! I was able to purchase items from brands like Collistar, Korff, and Diego Dalla Palma! All widely-used brands in Italy known for containing healthier and higher quality ingredients than brands from the US. It’s no wonder Italians are so beautiful!

Experiencing Italy for the first time was such a treat! I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my birthday month any other way. My birthday is special because it is a time where I can celebrate ME with no regrets, something I think we all deserve every now and then. I have never felt healthier and in more good spirits as I am now and I know I owe it to my clients, my passion, and all of you who have supported me along the way!

Now that my celebration is over, I am looking forward to the wonderful opportunities that come with being 42. As I said in my birthday blog last year, I am in my prime and I still believe this to be true!

Ciao Bella!