New year, same me! #Hello2018!

New Year,


Hi my loves! Happy 2018!

I know that usually for a January blogpost, most beauty bloggers talk about “New Year, New Me!” but I wanted to take a minute to talk about how I feel more and more comfortable in my own skin and look forward to celebrating me this year!


After countless end of the year parties, the carb overload and long nights out, January was the perfect month to cuddle up by the fire and detox by drinking some ginger-root tea! It’s important to put yourself first, and that means to declutter away the residue of the year before.


Currently, my skincare routine (click here!) is all about moisture and hydration. I love Guinot and Charlotte Tilbury products because of their ingredients and unwavering quality. I’ve been obsessed with Guinot for years, a French company that’s a beloved staple in many spas and renowned salons and chez Karuna Chani!

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream and Magic Night Cream are nothing short of being a hydration filled miracle- especially if you have dry skin like I do. Winters in New York are cold and harsh so a nice layer that you can just tap into your skin, is the perfect skin companion. I like to tap my skin so that the blood flows to my face, which helps regulate and produce collagen- which is exactly what you need to keep your skin youthful!


I wanted to keep this short and sweet- my January blogpost comes with just one simple but important message. Put yourself first! This year, make yourself the MVP because honey, you are worth it! Find out what it is that gets your creative juices flowing, what books get you thinking, what kind of people help you through thick and thin!

Take care of your mind, work out and keep your skincare simple but effective. Trust me, you don’t want to sell yourself, or your skincare/makeup short! Self care can be as simple as drinking lemon water in the morning, running yourself a scrumptious bath or doing your makeup for yourself!

Happy New Year, loves!

XO, Karuna