Wedding Season Inspo!

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Grab your lenghas and your bindis because wedding season is here!

I look forward to this busy time of year, always. Bride’s have been some of my favorite clients to work on. Every bride I have worked with is as unique as the look I create for her.

The process of getting to know my bridal beauties is so rewarding. It’s an exciting road to see vision take shape from the consultation to the big day. I always aim to make sure every brides personality comes through in my work, making them the best version of themselves!

As much as I love working on glamorous photoshoots ( and trust me I love them) there is something so satisfying about creating a look for such a momentous occasion.

As this season picks up full speed, I want to share some of my past, favorite bridal clients!

Bride: Sheena Patel

Bride: Sheekha Sethi Khan

Bride: Saachi Sachdev

Bride: Babita Persaud


The planning, family dynamics, finding the right dress…talk about stressful! Not to worry! When it comes to beauty, I’ve got some sound advice for you ladies. Follow these tips for a less stressful and beautiful trip down the aisle!

1. Good skin > Good makeup
I can beat your face for the gods but nothing will make you shine bright like naturally glowing skin. My advice: get a facial once every 4-6 weeks starting 6 months prior to the big day.

Listen, I know everyone wants to look their best at their wedding but do it the right way. Get a trainer and go to a nutritionist to get the wedding bod of your dreams! Besides, no one wants a hangry bride. You want to enjoy the process and you can’t if you are cranky from hunger pains!

3. Advil will save your life
Morning of I recommend popping 4 Ibuprofen before getting ready. Desi dresses and jewelry are beautiful but they are heavy! Pain is inevitable so might as well be prepared.

4. Fashion tape!
Things happen. Sometimes you need a little help getting everything to lie where it is supposed to. Make sure someone close by keeps a roll of fashion/body tape in their bag for you.

5. Moisturize before I get there!
Cleanse and moisturize well before your MUA arrives. Moisturizer needs time to be absorbed. This way it won’t affect the makeup application.

6. Borrow one of your fiance’s shirts
No I am serious! Wearing an oversized button down while you are getting your face put on is key! This way you won’t smudge your makeup on your shirt or ruin your hair when you change out of your clothes.

7. Break in those Loubs!
Likely, your wedding shoes are brand new purchases! As lovely as they look in the box you NEED to break them in before the wedding day. Your toes will thank me later. I recommend the newspaper and hairdryer trick! I would also scuff up the soles so you don’t slip down the aisle.

8. Get those Zzzzzzzzs
Wedding planning is stressful, I know. In order to keep your skin glowing and your mind at peace you need 7 hours of sleep MINIMUM a night. This is especially true the night before the big day.

9. Morning of diet!
Coffee, tea, water and eat something light! Anything heavy will cause you to bloat. Also, eat something you know will agree with your stomach. No need to discover a new allergy on your wedding day. But please EAT! I have seen brides faint from low blood sugar and there’s nothing romantic about that.

10. Do not micro manage
You payed that wedding planner for a reason. Let them sweat the small stuff so you can enjoy your big day.

Xoxo KC