Beating Around The Brush…

Artists use brushes to translate their art from their minds onto their canvas, makeup brushes are must-use tools to utilize when painting your face. Options and methods are endless, so here are some quick tips to help you along the way!

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Your makeup brushes pick up all the dirt, grime and oil from your face but then can deposit it back on your skin the next time you use them. You don’t have to keep buying new ones. Just wash the ones you have. If you aren’t washing your make up brushes at least once a week, you are not washing them enough! Brushes are meant to be a long-term investment, especially if you are buying the right kind, and washing them preserves the hair and shape whilst removing excess makeup to keep the bristles hygienic.

Pro Tip: Treat your brushes like your hair, if it feels stiff, Use Johnsons & Johnsons Baby Shampoo to clean & condition all in one. Gentle cleanser is key.


Brushes are your top tool to blend out your makeup. They will take you from patchy and gross to smooth and smokey. The key is using small strokes in a circular motion, until you get your desired look. Remember, bristles are the main component in determining the look you create. Shorter bristles will give you heavier application and more intense, matte coverage, whilst the longer the bristle, the softer the application and coverage.


You do not need a massive brush kit, and definitely, do not need to buy a whole set from one brand – chances are you will use 40% of the brushes you pay for. The key brushes to have in your collection are foundation, blush/powder, bronzer, and two eyeshadow brushes—one for application and one for contouring. Spend money on the right brushes that fit your face, you really have to understand how your face is structured and your skin type — this will help you determine the shape, size and bristle length you need.

Pro Tip: Go natural. Synthetic brushes are best to cover up dark circles or imperfections, but people have a harder time blending with those to get that smooth, perfect skin. You can never beat natural hair brushes because they’re the best blending tools. They’re also better for your skin — people with sensitive skin may want to stick with natural hair brushes for that reason.


Brushes are not only for powder-based products, you need to blend liquid product too! Liquid and cream blushes should be applied with a blush brush, just like powder blushes, to achieve an even blend. Take a small amount of liquid blush and apply on your hand, gather with a blush brush, and apply to the apples of the cheeks until the color is even.