40+ Skincare Tips that can make 40 the new 20!


The skincare industry is currently in overdrive, new products pop up on the market daily with taglines promising age reversal. Given this, navigating the market to find the right skin care solutions can be a bit tedious. I have spent my career educating myself and others on the correct skin care solutions to fix age-related concerns, with the 40+ sect being a personal speciality.


Here are some skincare tips for the 40+ babe, my personal guide to increasing and maintaining skin elasticity and reducing the signs of ageing – if not eradicating them completely.


If our 30’s are a time to start thinking about anti-ageing skin care products, our 40’s are a time to get serious about them. Whilst our skin recovers and rejuvenates at a fast pace in our mid-twenties, by 40 this rate has slowed down to less than half, making healing from scrapes and acne a tedious process, not to mention the years of sun and pollution damage. It sounds like an impossible uphill climb, but geared with the right tools, you can fix all of that!

  1. Hydration: With the expedited loss of hydration and elasticity in the skin past 40, it is important to invest in proper hydration. Whilst cleansing skin on a daily basis has always been recommended, in your 40s it is important to switch to more hydrating solutions to avoid eliminating essential moisture from the face. A hydrating cleanser, in the form of a gel or oil, followed by a hydrating day and night moisturizer is the key to maintain bounce.
  2. Super ingredients: There are certain beauty super ingredients you need to have in your daily regime. Retinol, an anti-aging loaded product, corrects sun damage and improves skin texture and discoloration by increasing cell turnover. Similarly, Hyaluronic Acid holds the key to smooth, flawless and hydrated skin. It naturally occurs in our skin, however, production decreases with aging, making the added ingredient all the more important to keep skin smooth and adequately hydrated, removing sensitivity, dullness, fine lines and discoloration.


  1. Facials: A facial a month keeps the wrinkles at bay. High-stress metropolitan lifestyles lead to immense amounts of pollution damage to the skin. Take the time to sit back and let a professional tackle your deep cleaning.

  1. Consumables: Vitamins are also necessary. I highly recommend the Garden of Life supplements to give your body the extra help it needs to tackle dull and tired looking skin.


  1. Drink up: Drinking lots of water has never been more important. If you’re looking for more exciting alternatives, I recommend copious amounts of green tea and coconut water, to maintain high hydration with low caloric options (you don’t need the added sugar!)


  1. The B Word: A little Botox never hurt nobody. Whilst injectables are often frowned upon, nothing is worse than those pesky, tell-tale frown lines. Find a good doctor and speak to them freely about the result you want to achieve. You don’t have to walk out of the doctor’s office looking like plastic, if you don’t want to!


  1. Lifestyle: When we sleep our cell regeneration is at its highest. Slumber is your body’s time to do that extra bit of ‘house-keeping’, repairing and renewing of tissues and nerve cells, the neutralization of neurotoxins, and the restoration of normal levels of chemicals throughout our bodies. Get your 8 hours, in fact, if you can, get more!