Makeup Brush MUST-HAVES For A Flawless Look

We did a poll on Instagram this month asking what you were most interested in seeing in this month’s newsletter. Well, ladies, we have delivered! You wanted to know how to create that flawless face, here is the BREAKDOWN!

With so many products and tools out there to complete a flawless face…it’s safe to say that many of my clients are overwhelmed and don’t know what to buy or what’s right for them. So I’ve gone ahead and simplified it all for you. I have curated a list of the top brushes you need to complete any look. Yes, I use these myself. Tried and tested for ya’ll.

Flawless makeup application is a combination of the right products, brushes and technique. A lot of the brushes help make for a better, easier application with less blending involved as the shape is ergonomically designed to make application lot easier. There’s no way you can get a flawless face by rotating the same 4 brushes! That makes for nothing but a HOT MESS!

These are the exact brushes I have in my makeup bag.

Foundation Brush

You have to have a kick-ass foundation brush to ace your base! How you apply your foundation is all about comfort in the hands. I NEVER EVER use my fingers! I prefer a medium size dense brush so you can get into all the nooks and crannies! My pick for foundation brush is the MakeupForever Precision Foundation Brush.

Concealer Brush

For concealer, I prefer small and rounded brush for precise under eye application…super smooth! Tried, tested and approved the MakeupForever Highlighter Brush, but a mini sponge would work here too.

Blush Brush

The Yachiyo Kabuki Blush Brush is my absolute cult favorite blush brush…..ever! I have been using this since 2007 and have no plans of stopping. It’s a soft tapered spiral dome head with multi-functional Japanese Kabuki theater inspired design. It’s excellent for defining cheekbones as well as blending and diffusing color seamlessly.

Bronzer Brush

A mix of blue squirrel and goat hair, the Hakuhodo Angled Powder Brush is of the finest quality. The angled shape is designed to deliver & distribute product and color quickly and evenly. You will glow like the glorious bronzed Goddess you are with the help of this bronzer brush!

Eyebrow Brush

This is the deal of lifetime!! For $5.00 there is no question that you need to buy the Morphe Angle Liner and Spoolie combo. Bonus: It’s Rose gold… hella pretty! This is my go-to brush for perfect brows. The angled liner applies product perfectly and the spoolie end grooms hairs into place. Also great for gel and cream eyeliners.

Basic All Over Eyeshadow Brush for Dummies

You seriously do not need any skill other than TAP! TAP! TAP! The Laura Mercier All Over Eye Colour Brush does the work for you. It has a large flat head with a beveled edge so it picks up a generous amount of product for the smooth, perfect application of base eyeshadow shades. Perfect for the gal on-th-go who wants to master the 1-color lid and run!

Dual Eyeshadow Brush

The WanderBeauty Wandering Eyes Dual Eyeshadow Brush allows you to create endless looks on-the-go. It’s super soft, cruelty-free synthetic bristles flawlessly pack and blend both powder or cream eyeshadows. So if you are ready to master the multi-tone eye (smokey eye anyone??) this is your brush! Bonus: It’s vegan-friendly too! It is one of my new faves!

Lip Brush

The Crown Brush Deluxe Camouflage Lip Brush is another steal for $3.99!! This double-sided, synthetic bristle brush works really well with liquid, powder, and cream base. On one side of the brush is a flat, rounded, concealer brush or perfect for cleaning up smaller areas throughout the face. On the other side is a lip brush.

Eyelash Curler

For all you babes with stick straight, droopy, stubborn lashes. The quick fix to batty, alive eyes is the Tweezerman Procurl. This is not even considered makeup. This is mandatory to me. Always, ALWAYS curl lashes before applying mascara.


Biodegradable, non-latex sponges are the top choice of professional makeup artists for their quality and performance. The Alcone Non-Latex Sponges are dense, odor-free wedges that won’t crumble or flake and can be used wet or dry with a variety of makeup products. If you need to buy from the drugstore, look for Non-Latex sponges at CVS, Duane Reade or Walgreens!

A Velour Puff

The Laura Mercier Velour Puff is a specially designed textured powder puff molds and conforms to the face as needed to pick up, hold and apply powder. I use this to set my under eyes and T-zone.

Highlighter Brush

Hit your high points with the Sigma Beauty High Cheekbone Highlighter. This brush is fluffy but firm. Use it with your favorite cream, liquid or powder products for a soft glow.

Hope this was helpful ladies!

Until Next Time!