Wedding Preps 101

The Head to Toe Countdown

Weddings are stressful. Regardless if you have the best wedding event planner and everything is organized and managed to the T, the wedding and all the small details that go into it are stressful no matter how you look at it. The mind and body take a beating in the process and as a professional makeup artist, I can tell you that it shows on the face. So wedding preparation is key to achieving a successful issue free event.

Some of the things I’m about to suggest are not rocket science and you may as well say, ‘WTF…I already knew this. She ain’t helping much!’ But the real question is…are you actually implementing the suggestions?

Keep in mind that these are tips and tricks that I’ve given to all my brides and/or even clients attending a wedding or even a major special event for that matter. So they actually work…if you stick to it and give it a fair chance. Remember, slow and steady wins the race so I highly suggest you implement this list at least 3 months in advance to see full results.


Water. Water. Water. Or Water & Lemon!

Why do I put so much emphasis on water you ask? Because the majority of my clients simply do not drink enough and I can tell when the skin is dehydrated. I can personally say that I’ve seen the benefits of drinking more water. Water helps with digestion, improves the skin, promotes hydration, and boosts your immune system. What’s the difference between a grape and a raisin? Just something to think about


Skincare Routine

You need to have a plan of action for your skin and stick to it! It doesn’t matter what brand you use so long as you have a solid skincare routine in place every morning and evening. The minimalist should be using a cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, and night cream down at minimum. The skincare obsessed will want to add in some sort of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid serum for added anti-aging benefits. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had that do not use any cleanser or skincare at all simply because they don’t know what to use and are overwhelmed.


Fitness Plan

Sweat it Out! Hitting the gym not only helps with weight loss & energy levels but also gets the blood flowing all throughout the body giving the skin a natural glow. A good fitness routine gets your endorphins going allowing your body to naturally boost your mood. All of this shows through in the color of your skin, Trust me!

healthy food

Nutrition Plan

Crash Diets and starving are for Amateurs! After all these years of being in the industry, I can easily tell when a client has been starving to get the extra weight off. There is just a different glow to the face when you have a healthy diet. Starving the body of necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients, in turn, creates fatigue, dehydration, and an unhealthy tone to the skin.

Multi Vitamin

Beauty Vitamins

A quick list of some of the best vitamins and supplements for naturally clear skin:
BIOTIN– Hair, skin, and nails…
VITAMIN A – The acne antagonizer…
VITAMIN C – The fixer-upper…
COLLAGEN – The age-defying booster…
MAGNESIUM – The de-stressor…
ZINC – The head healer…
OMEGA-3  – The calming combatant…
VITAMIN E – The environmental protector…
VITAMIN D – The UV fighter…

Or how about just ONE simple multivitamin formulated for women?! (BTW, I take all of them!)



Is it necessary? If you’re the kind of girl with perfect, flawless skin, and yes they do exist and I’m seriously envious. Why mess around with facials when your skin is that great?! I don’t believe in unnecessary putzing around. Consult your dermatologist or aesthetician of choice and see what they recommend for your skin type. Be vocal. Tell them you’re getting married! Give them some insight to your skin concerns and realistic skin goals.

Each facial should be approx. 4-6weeks apart with the last one being 7-10 days prior to the big day. We don’t want to take any risks the week of the wedding festivities!


Botox & Fillers

There is NOTHING wrong with a little pinch here and there! Botox is often used to soften up the 11’s and smooth out those forehead lines. While filler gives you some volume which oftentimes ends up being used in the lips. If you’re going to get Botox and fillers it should be done a month prior to seeing full results.

Teeth Whitning

Teeth Whitening

If you go to your dentist or use Crest Whitening Strips to brighten your teeth both have similar sensitivity issues. Crest strips, in my opinion, would be less sensitive. Even my dentist and hygienist both told me not to waste my money booking an appointment and to buy Crest Whitening Strips because the results are comparable. It saves you a lotta’ money and makes your skin look brighter as well!

Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Think long term results! Personally, I skipped the shaving, waxing, threading, and dove right into the tried & true permanent hair removal method called electrolysis for my full face and laser hair removal for my full body. Keep in mind, laser hair removal is hair reduction, **not** permanent, but it still works like a charm. Both of these options require time, money, and lots of patience.

For people looking for Instant Results: Please be aware that the problem with waxing, threading, and/or shaving is the unsightly regrowth that causes the ingrown hairs, rashes, dark spots, raised bumps and that green/blue darkness under the skin as its growing in. But if that is ultimately the form of hair removal you will be opting for then I highly suggest making sure to use wax or hair removal product geared for sensitive skin 3-5 days prior to the big day.


Buckle-Down & Lean Out!

1 Week Prior to the Big Day

Try the Victoria Secret Model’s Secret Challenge! Take it down to the bare bones like a supermodel.
No salt. 
No alcohol. 
No refined sugars. 
No rice. 
No pasta. 
No bread.

Think boiled, grilled, broiled, steamed or sautéed. I promise you it works and you’ll feel great!



(Korean Body Scrub)

This intense Korean cleansing process entails soaking the body in hot water, then rubbing it with a Korean towel — a colorful, thin loofah with a sandpaper-like texture — to rid the body of all the gunk, dirt and layers of dead skin that accumulate naturally. Your skin feels like ‘butta’ the next day!

I can’t stress enough how important it is you give yourself ample time to implement this list into your daily lifestyle. Try out a few of these and keep me posted.



In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, I have put in place precautionary measures to keep the KC Makeup family safe. With that being said my team and I think it’s best that we postpone the hands-on MASTERCLASS in partnership with Makeup Forever. A separate email will be forwarded to the individual attendees of the event. I cannot begin to express my sincere appreciation for being so patient & understanding during this crazy time.



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