Perfect Match: How to Find the Right Foundation Online or In Person

Shopping online for the perfect foundation sounds like a real task, at least to the general consumer. It’s annoying & pain staking not knowing exactly what you’re buying until you receive it in the mail! Now on the flipside, ordering foundation online is obviously convenient & time-saving, so the benefits almost outweigh the risks but, that’s if you know what to look for. And given the current situation going to a beauty store to swatch products is no longer an option so, what’s a gal to do?

With my makeup virtual, I give my clients precisely 3 different foundation brands to choose from based on their skin type and other personal needs. I provide each of them with the color name for them to purchase online to see which one will settle in seamlessly. Unfortunately, with this option of the foundations will inevitably end getting returned to the sender or end up getting chucked altogether. I hate wastage so I try to zone in as much as I can. The power of a great foundation is that it looks invisible on the skin, your skin but better. The right foundation will disappear into your skin with minimal demarcation.


FIGURE OUT YOUR TONE: Since I specialize in all things brown, I almost always find the right shade within the olive/ yellow/ neutral family. Rare to be on the cool or red spectrum. But I tend to pay attention to hair & eye color and if you tan or burn easily. White skin burns easily and is a sign of cool undertones. We brownies bronze up in a minute which signifies warmth.

FINISH & FORMULA: FINISH & FORMULA This is very personal and based on skin type & texture. We have matte, dewy, luminous, oil-free, and hydrating formulas. All of these are important to factor in so make sure to read the labels and packaging! Certain textures will sit beautifully on the skin and others will be visible.

FIND A BRAND that you know offers a good variety of brown girl shades. A few of my personal faves include Makeup ForeverBobbi BrownNarsLaura MercierHourglassFenty BeautyL’oreal.

WHAT KIND OF COVERAGE: This is very personal and varies on the person’s needs/wants. There’s light, medium, and full coverage formulas out there. All versions are buildable if you know the How To…which is another story altogether.

DISCLAIMER❌ Tinted Moisturizer is NOT a foundation and gives you barely any coverage at all.

HOW TO TEST: NEVER judge a book by its cover! Swatch the foundation directly on your face from cheekbone to jawline. You’re gonna want to do a generous test patch. Natural lighting is crucial, never judge the color under florescent. Tap & Blend with a clean sponge or foundation brush and leave it on for approx. 30 mins and let it breathe or oxidize. DO NOT test on your hand, neck, ass, or hand. One of my favorite in-store color matching & customer service experience to date is from Bergdorfs.

MULTIPLE SHADES: If you’re a sun worshipper or an outdoorsy type then YES it is absolutely normal to have a few different foundation colors throughout the year based on the intensity of your tan. Just keep in mind that you’ll be at your palest & fairest color in the winter months.

Finding the perfect foundation color match consists of a bit of trial and error especially now more than ever. But if you ever find yourself confused you can always book a virtual with me and get back on the color match track!