#KCOnTheGo: My Top Croatian Vacation Moments

If you have been keeping tabs on my Facebook and/or Instagram as of late, you may have noticed that I have been sprinkling in some snaps from my amazing Croatian excursion a few weeks ago.

While the entire trip was absolutely incredible—seriously, it was real-life #vacationgoals—I did want to share some highlights with you. So, let’s delve into my top five Croatian vacation moments.

1. Sipping & Soaking In The Sun In Hvar

Does this not look like a postcard?! It was very, very idyllic, almost unbelievably so. Honestly, I had such a ball wandering around this stunning island. Lots to see and lots to love.

2. Proudly Admiring The Collection Of Croatian Beauty & Fashion Finds I Had Accumulated


Being, you know, me, I couldn’t help but snatch up some local beauty products and accessories. The only souvenirs I need, pretty much. And I will circle back around with thoughts on any standouts (or duds) soon.

3. Seeing Seashells

This snap was taken at dinner and it really speaks to what a silly, live-in-the-moment mood I was in. Good times with great friends. Nothing better than that, right?

4. (Speed)Boating To The Split Airport

I’ll be honest—zooming around in a super speedy speedboat wasn’t really my first choice when it came to getting-to-the-airport transportation methods. But certain events transpired and, long story short, I ended up being able to take in a gorgeous sunrise while getting a sweeping view of the stunning sea. Not too shabby, huh?

5. Heading Home 

Do I enjoy vacationing? Duh. But when all is said and done, I was happy to return to my home sweet home. And I did it in typical KC-style (decked in Frame jeans, wearing limited edition Adidas kicks, toting around a Givenchy bag, etc.).

Crossing my fingers that I will be back in Croatia sooner than later, but in the meantime, I’m content with reliving these wonderful times over and over again in my day dreams. Until next month, lovelies!